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Advanced DTG Direct to Garment and Textile Solutions

DTG Digital has been an industry leader in direct to garment (DTG printer) inkjet technologies for over a decade. Whether you are a new start company, a large volume promotional or fashion production house, or you are considering to compliment your existing business, at DTG digital we can provide tailored solutions that match your DTG printer requirements.

As an industry leader in DTG printers, our commitment to research and development continues to advance the digital garment printing industry and set new industry standards, therefore providing a better experience for our global customer community.

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The DTG brand is well known globally as the leading innovator in the garment decorating industry. There are more successful apparel printing companies using DTG Digital printers than any other brand. Find out why…

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Create customised ecommerce websites. World’s largest network of mass personalization businesses with over 15,000 decorating websites. Start your DecoNetwork website business today!

Populate your webstore today! Choose from over 1000 latest trend, royalty-free street wear designs that are ready for DTG printing. Download today & print on your T-shirts & fashion products.

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DTG-WIMS is the final answer to white ink prints. By re-circulation of ink via a pressurized peristaltic pump system coupled with pressure release filters and dampers your white ink is ready to print when you are.

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Ultra-Large or multiple prints pallet options Unique to the DTG, print multiple garments at one time as standard with our specialty pallet assembly with auto registration built in.



Anyone can be successful in their DTG printing venture and we would like to share some of our own experiences and those of our customers with you in order for you to do further independent research into the validity of DTG garment printing. Of course the examples listed here are but few and there many more ways that you can generate a healthy income and build a strong business. We hope this  information will assist you accordingly and as always, please feel free to discuss any aspect of your business venture with your local DTG dealer.

Start Your Own Business

Turn your great ideas into financial freedom!

More and more these days companies are relying on the Internet for sales and marketing of their products. It is no secret that web generated sales are increasing at an exponential rate, The direct to garment business is ideal for Internet sales and building of customer databases and mailing lists. A lot of orders printed on direct to garment printers are short run, the average order being 5 garments per sales….  Read more…

Shop front apparel decoration businesses have been around for many years, this alone is a clear sign that if properly planned and executed a shop front based business can be highly successful.  Many of these businesses have evolved from some form of complimentary business – such as a sewing store adding in-house embroidery to complement their products to moderate to large screen printers opening a retail location to market their products. Read more…

Given a small amount of planning, your DTG machine can be a very portable unit. Consider the huge amount of people you can introduce your service to by taking your machine to a local market or fete. Better still, a more captured audience at a sporting event, music event or similar will give a huge boost to your turnover and client base. Read more…

A huge emerging market is the fashion industry who are now turning to DTG printing methods in order to create limited but very high margin product ranges. Fashion ranges can be branded for specific events, inventory can be controlled by producing limited numbers for certain shops only. This is particularly true in the street wear industry. Read more…

For Existing Businesses

DTG can complement your current business.

Why would a screen printer add direct to garment printing to his business?  There are a number of reasons – but they all focus on one main premise – to “STOP TELLING YOUR CUSTOMERS NO”. Read more…

As the decorated apparel marketplace has matured – more and more decorators are expanding their in-house decorating abilities.  Fewer and fewer businesses are labeling themselves as being  solely “embroidery” or “screen printers”. Instead they are adopting the  a broader apparel decorator or promotional products moniker. Read more…

As an existing print shop or sign business you are dealing on a daily basis with customers who are trying to get a message across. That message may be merely informational, but the majority of the time it is advertorial. T-shirts and other apparel are a natural extension of your business. Read more…