Digital Printing on Leather

This video shows stunning results for printing on leather. The piece work shown demonstrates how suited this technology is for instant fashion 'strike-offs'.

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DTG at Knit Show India

Our Indian partners IDSC will be showing DTG technology live at the upcoming Indian Knit show in Tirupur on August 7, 8 and 9, please come and say hello to the team and take a closer look at DTG printing.

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DTG Digital showing at ITM Expo Istanbul

Are you visiting the ITM expo at the Tuyap Expo halls in Istanbul next week? Come and say hello to the ultra-energetic Turkish DTG team in Hall 9 Booth 902. The expo is held from June 1 to 4. I hope to see you there.

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The how and why to selling Custom T shirts with Video

Our partners and friends in the USA have gone above and beyond with this great article that explains in plain terms just how to expand your web reach, and sell custom T shirts with video. Definitely worth a read -> CLICK HERE.

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New M3 model rolling of the production line

We are really excited about the progression of the new DTG M3 model and have numerous units rolling of the production line on a weekly basis. Talk to your dealer about the new M3 if you are interested.

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DTG M3 Photoshoot

Today was somewhat out of the ordinary at the Impression Technology offices with a photoshoot of the DTG M3. It is amazing how a simple photoshoot can turn an entire office upside down...and have everyone away from their desks! I hope the final product is a lot more professional than the pictures I took...             

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Babywear production – a growing market

Babywear production is a real growth area and one where production speed and cost of print meets mass producers expectations. Check out another great application video by our favorite turkish production team.

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Digital Printing on a Canvas Photo Frame

This video shows a great application for digital printing on pre-stretched canvas photo frames. Numerous customers are using this with great results as the finished product tends to attract a higher margin being a bespoke, one of a kind, item. Many thanks to the video production team in Turkey.

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Stolen M2 machine in Melbourne Australia

Warning for our Australian friends. This weekend one of our customers in Melbourne was broken into and his DTG M2 was stolen. The serial number is M000563. If you are offered a second hand machine or you see one for sale, please double check on the serial number. Please make contact with your registered DTG [...]

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Fusion Tees – great success in a few short months

Fusion Tees is a great success story. This business demonstrates what can be achieved in a mere six months of machine ownership and, of course, some very focused and, no doubt, hard work. Fusion Tees is run by husband and wife team Tony and Gaby. Their enthusiasm and great work is self-evident. Spend a bit [...]

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