Thumbs up on a M2 Installation with TTS Digital

Watch this very entertaining video of a customer giving the thumbs up on a M2 Installation with TTS Digital. Our Turkish partners TTS Digital really do seem to have a a good time with these installations.

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Unique UK personalisation company Prime chooses DTG M2 – 5 times cheaper

We recommend you read this article on WTIN to see why the unique UK personalisation company Prime chooses DTG M2 to make the DTG printing process 5 times cheaper. There are some interesting insights into Prime Group’s vision and considerations on DTG workflows. Well done to the YES team in implementing this seamless setup. [...]

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Pant leg and Sleeve printing

Check out the ColDesi Facebook page (Facebook required) for a great example of Pant leg and Sleeve printing, these are products like that are difficult to decorate using traditional analogue systems. DTG Digital, more than just a T-shirt printer!

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DTG M3 flexibility and productivity

Check out this video of the DTG M3 printer. The M3 reaches a new level of flexibility and productivity due to the versatile 3 sets of 4-2-1 platen system.

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DTG M3 total production versatility

Check out these photos of the DTG M3 running a variety of print jobs on multiple platens. The versatility and production output is meeting the demand from higher volume production and manufacturing plants. For more info on the DTG M3 contact your local dealer.

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Sock printing on the DTG M2

Here is another example of something a "little different" - sock printing on the DTG M2. The application was surprisingly simple and the results very repeatable and predictable. DTG machines are not just for T-shirt printing!

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Digital Printing on Leather

This video shows stunning results for printing on leather. The piece work shown demonstrates how suited this technology is for instant fashion 'strike-offs'.

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New M3 model rolling of the production line

We are really excited about the progression of the new DTG M3 model and have numerous units rolling of the production line on a weekly basis. Talk to your dealer about the new M3 if you are interested.

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DTG M3 Photoshoot

Today was somewhat out of the ordinary at the Impression Technology offices with a photoshoot of the DTG M3. It is amazing how a simple photoshoot can turn an entire office upside down...and have everyone away from their desks! I hope the final product is a lot more professional than the pictures I took...             

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Babywear production – a growing market

Babywear production is a real growth area and one where production speed and cost of print meets mass producers expectations. Check out another great application video by our favorite turkish production team.

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