Digital Printing on a Canvas Photo Frame

This video shows a great application for digital printing on pre-stretched canvas photo frames. Numerous customers are using this with great results as the finished product tends to attract a higher margin being a bespoke, one of a kind, item. Many thanks to the video production team in Turkey.

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DTG Digital for kids wear – a growing market space

Another great video from our partners TTS in Turkey. Digital printing for large scale production baby wear is coming of age, smaller design sizes, lower cost per print and faster production output makes DTG digital the perfect tool to respond to “on demand” manufacturing of kids clothing.

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Great M6 workflow video

Check out how organised this production shop is with their DTG M6 machine. A realistic target output of 1600 garments in a double shift allows this company to immediately react to on demand orders.

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Leather printing application

A great application video from our Partners TTS in Turkey, undoubtedly the best DTG applications team on the planet. Here you can see some stunning leather panel prints on the DTG M2 which are to be post finished into Garments.

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Another new application for DTG

We always get excited when we see products printed on DTG machines that are a little 'out of left field'. Recently a customer came in looking to print onto a mixed fibre slash proof safety glove. The results were perfect. Of course we will need to design a suitable jig to lay up multiple pairs [...]

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The differences between RGB and CMYK explained

The science of colour, and understanding it closely can be quite involved, especially for those who may be new to digital printing. Take a look at this link, it is a fantastic easy to read and understand explanation of the differences between RGB and CMYK print modes -> Happy DTG'ing Jerry

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80 White T-shirts per hour on the DTG M2

Have a look at this video - an M2 setup as dual CMYK pumping out shirts at top speed. The actual print time was 1 minute 15 seconds, add an additional 15 seconds to load the next 2 platens for fast job change over. That equals 80 garments per hour in realistic production terms, or [...]

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Trends in all over pattern prints

I just thought I should share this link, we have mentioned before that we are seeing an increase in all-over garment prints. This link further supports that. Check out - Happy DTG'ing Jerry

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Fantastic example of getting the most from your DTG

Obviously we are a biased towards digital technology and think that the quality of a digitally printed image cannot be beaten when compared to traditional screen prints. However, rarely do we see graphic designers who create their graphics in such a way that allows for the technology to come into its own. Take a look [...]

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DTG at Inatex Jakarta

Come meet the Artrend team at this week’s Inatex show in Jakarta and see the M2 in action. For more visit Happy DTG'ing Jerry

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