Leather printing application

A great application video from our Partners TTS in Turkey, undoubtedly the best DTG applications team on the planet. Here you can see some stunning leather panel prints on the DTG M2 which are to be post finished into Garments.

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80 White T-shirts per hour on the DTG M2

Have a look at this video - an M2 setup as dual CMYK pumping out shirts at top speed. The actual print time was 1 minute 15 seconds, add an additional 15 seconds to load the next 2 platens for fast job change over. That equals 80 garments per hour in realistic production terms, or [...]

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New Viper2 and WIMS videos

We've just added a couple of new videos to the DTG youtube channel. Check them out. Viper 2 WIMS Enjoy Happy DTGing Jerry

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