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With the patent pending White Ink Management System, head clogging and maintenance downtime is reduced considerably.

The DTG-WIMS is the final answer to white ink prints. By re-circulation of ink via a pressurized peristaltic pump system coupled with pressure release filters and dampers your white ink is ready to print when you are. We have reduced the maintenance and downtime currently seen in the industry and the M-Series are the best all-round white ink print systems in the world market today.

logo_platenloc_112x70Platen Options – scaleable production

The M-Series is 100% flexible with a multitude of TexLoc™ platen options for kids sizes through to super wide prints.

The M-Series bed in standard configuration supports two standard shirts with a unique bridge to allow extra wide prints to a maximum of 610 x 450mm (24″ x 17.7″).

Big image area options are available on the M2 and M4 with our unique platen drive swap out mechanism for multiple production up to 8 shirts – need to print full length jeans, towels etc. Image areas 1100 x 2000mm (43″ x 78″) – you can configure your mseries to your market or grow into new markets and expand your profit options – It’s flexible.

logo_onepass_72x70DTG One Pass Fast

A uniquely beneficial patent pending process that allows both white base and colors to be printed in just one pass. With the “One Pass Fast” you can offer faster turnarounds with greater speeds and gain much greater control over the color gamut’s required to create truly original and fantastic color prints to a whole host of substrates. Up to 50% faster prints with exceptional colors and all supported with a unique easy to use RIP.

logo_ACPC_70x70ACPC (Active Print Head Collision Protection)

By incorporating precision culminated light beam detection sensors, anything getting in the way of the print path is automatically detected, and the active drive system will drop the pallet while printing, ensuring that head strikes are drastically reduced while still maintaining your prints.

Why_IQ_1_183x185Just better Science

The all new iQ Interweave technology is a core development in support of textile decoration. A new science that delivers greater flexibility and quality of print to a wider range of garments. More ink when and where you need it! IQ Interweave prints in a wave pattern, not staggered lines. Wave printing over grids of textiles is far superior.

Logo_posdampfeedpress_99x70Positive Damp Feed Pressure

Unlike inkjet ink used for paper printing, textile inks have a higher viscosity and surface tension and struggle with gravity fed ink systems. Consistent ink delivery means less clogging and longer prints are available without the stress for ink replenishment to the nozzle plate. The DTG Digital range uses a pressurized damper on each individual color with 1.2psi of constant pressure for better ink delivery ensuring consistent color accuracy and better reliability.

logo_iQRip_70x70iQ RIP

Print quality and features within a RIP – do make a difference to your overall design – if color and knock out graphics are important to you and your customers then the new IQRip for the mseries will leave you breathless. Convert files 9 styles – jpg, psd, tiff, png, tga, gif, bmp, pcx, dib. Colors are sharp and accurate – edge definition detail is sharp, user intervention is limited because the new IQrip supports more features for industrial decoration than any other RIP for a DTG application. White layers are auto generated with complete scalability and creates the perfect undertones for maximum presentation – precise calculation of when printing to dark garments – your iQ Rip sees a black shirt as an under base color and corrects accordingly – sharper prints faster.

Print Head Tech LogoLatest Generation Print Head Technology

The DTG range has a one inch wide, high performance piezoelectric print head has 180 nozzles per channel with an ink repelling coating. The all new 8 channel piezoelectric print head utilizes the constant re‐circulation and pressurization ink system. The DTG range has less clogging and ink starvation due to its adjustable pressure manifold coupled with a pressure release damper/filter throughout the entire ink path which results in superior prints with outstanding color vibrancy.

Conveyor Pallet System LogoConveyor Pallet System

The unique conveyor drive system with a simple ‘lift-off’ removable platen allows even greater productivity. Simply add a second platen system and prep your garments while the machine is printing, to create a “quick-swap” workflow environment. For ease of use finished garments can either be returned to the front of the machine (if you are operating in a tight area) or can be ejected to the rear of the printer for faster garment reloading. Note: Not available on M2 which has no conveyor.

Auto registration LogoAuto Registration and Flexibility

With the DTG range you can load garments that will auto register for perfect white and color prints time and again. DTG is also flexible in that finished garments can either be returned to the front of the machine (if you are operating in a tight area) or can be ejected to the rear of the printer for faster loading, unloading and all around production throughput.

PEP LogoPEP (Positioning Encoding Protection)

A low noise, high performance axial fan is mounted and sealed in a position so that ink mist is trapped prior to settling over your encoder strips. Most machines sucks ink mist over these vital parts whereas the DTG range encapsulates the misting and overspray in a sealed compartment which is easily extracted before it gets in the road!!

logo_train_58x70DTG Training Academy

DTG Digital is the only manufacturer to provide significant after sales support and training globally with over 80 dedicated resellers. The DTG Training Academy in Australia, Singapore and UK are textile learning centres that are in support of textile decoration techniques.

Logo_lowcost_99x70Lowest Cost per Print

A low cost per print is imperative in most markets. At DTG Digital we have a selection of inks for various applications. We also match quantity to cost per print requirements to help customers win important contracts. Contact your DTG Digital representative to discuss how quantity buy breaks will help your production price constraints.

logo_3yr_70x703 Year ‘Heads and All’ Warranty

DTG Digital offers a world leading warranty of up to 3 years, An extended warranty delivers peace of mind. All DTG Digital’s printers are backed by a standard 12 months with some exclusions.

Why_Download_3_453x61Value Design

It’s one thing having a great website but it needs graphics that people want to buy. DownloadDTGDesigns sources leading street wear graphics from a host of designers globally and are available for download and pre prepared ready for DTG printing. There is over 1000 royalty free street wear designs, perfect for online and retail sales. Populate your web store today. More details at www.downloaddtgdesigns.com.


Why are some online sites booming while others aren’t! – Its simply all about affiliate stores, an intuitive online design process and instant SEO marketing. Deconetwork provide invaluable tools for those wanting to cash in on the online garment trading boom by providing over 15,000 webstores designed specifically for online trading. There is a host of features that ensure your web success. More details at www.deconetwork.com.

All DTG Digital inks are supported with pre-coating solutions to ensure a good hand, superior color gamut and strong wash fastness. DTG Digital provides a variety of speciality inks and coatings that are Eco friendly and designed for a multiple of printing needs.

IQ Interweave… “Lets face it: printing on textiles isn’t the same as printing on paper. All current print heads in the market work on the principle of laying ink drops in staggered parallel lines – but textiles are basically fibers in a grid pattern, so we have changed the science to lay down ink drops in a wave pattern across this grid of fiber – increasing saturation and eliminating banding which is common at lower resolutions. Its an all new science”
Gordon Zerf
Head Of Engineering
IQ RIP… “Print quality is essentially the most important reason why DTG Digital has been the benchmark for the garment decoration industry globally – textiles are viewed up close not from a distance like a poster – most DTG machinery options support print heads that simply do not offer a microweave drop picolitre option and struggle to create and adequate or correct waveform for textile decoration. It all comes down to the color and quality of your print that will make the difference.”
Jon Cloake
Global Tech Support
OnePassFast… “Double your production – In early 2009 we pioneered the One Pass process which allows both white and color layers to be seamlessly printed by eliminating the need for two pass white and color layers – perfect for fashion style prints and full photographic images – with the M2 you can increase your output dramatically – 2 shirts in 40 seconds with white ink!!”
Jerry Erich
Global Products Manager
WIMS… “Don’t be fooled – cartridges are there only to lock out consumables. So called “closed loop systems” sound great but add little if anything to ink stability – it’s simple 1st grade science – you can not syphon fluid without pressure, nor can you move ink from a cartridge or a bag without air in the system – it’s how you manage the air in the inks and the subsequent settling which makes the difference. If you have to shake something to make it work? You really need to re-look at WIMS technology.”
Moishin Tiwana
Chemical Engineer